Former Clinton Adviser Concedes That Inflation Matters Ahead Of The Midterms

For over a year, the Biden administration has chosen to downplay inflation and pretend like it’s not a big deal. Despite the costs of rent, mortgages, gas, and groceries rising, the White House is committed to painting a rosy picture of an economy that doesn’t exist.

At the same time, the current administration has a vested interest in Democrats winning the midterms. Biden and other officials in the current White House argue the loss of democracy will occur if Republicans break Democrats’ current control over Congress as expected.

Meanwhile, one major factor working against Democratic candidates is inflation.

Dick Morris Spills the Beans
Dick Morris served as an adviser to former President Bill Clinton. Yet, even he is able to see the writing on the wall. During a recent conversation with Newsmax, Morris said inflation pulls a lot of weight with voters who are younger than 40.

The former Clinton adviser stated that because of living costs in Biden’s economy, young people are struggling to get out of their parents’ basement, purchase a car, get married, have children, and reach life’s milestones that require resources.

Later, Morris explained that while Democrats were counting on abortion to help them hold onto the House and Senate, this plan isn’t working out so well. That’s because the worse inflation becomes, the more of a crippling impact it has in Americans’ lives.

An Increasingly Worse Problem
Because of spending bills passed by the federal government, inflation is anticipated to continue getting worse.

Biden’s plan to waive student loan debt for millions of borrowers will also contribute to inflation and leave everyday Americans with higher taxes. Because of all the different factors impacting the economy, some analysts believe inflation could be a years-long problem.

As the midterms approach, Republicans have continued making the case that beating inflation is going to require a reduction in spending. Democrats have been clear time and time again that they have zero intention of cutting spending whatsoever.

Various polls ahead of next month’s elections show that Republicans are very likely to take the House. If Senate GOP candidates can win their races in crucial battleground states, then the party will wind up taking this chamber as well.