Former California Democrat Says Biden Is Losing Latino Support Due To Wokeism

According to a former Democratic leader from California, President Biden’s wokeism is the reason why the Democratic Party is losing its Hispanic voters. In an interview on Friday with “Fox & Friends First”, a former state senator Gloria Romero stated that the new woke policies by the democrats are losing sight of the values its Hispanic supporters share.

She said that she is announcing, with much disappointment, that the Cuban-Americans and Mexican-Americans want the Democratic Party to know that enough is enough. She added that the Democratic Party of today does not represent the historical party of JFK or even Obama. Hence, the Latino voters are looking at other choices.

Romero said that Biden’s policies of using terms like “birthing people” instead of using words like mother or women, completely contradicts the values of Latinos and Hispanics. She added that motherhood is a key milestone in the lives of many Latino and Hispanic women and a traditional value shared by everyone.

These remarks come to light as it was recently noted that Biden’s popularity is plummeting with the Latino and Hispanic voters. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that around 26% of Hispanics approved of Biden’s performance, while 54% disapproved and 41% strongly disapproved. With an overall approval rating of 35% by the Quinnipiac survey, the Biden administration is experiencing an all-time low support.

Romero also discussed how most Latino Democrats look to Biden to address the issues that matter to them. She pointed out that the Latino and Hispanic communities are keeping an eye on the economy, the immigration policies, and even the language used by the party. She said that the Latino community in California celebrates two Mother’s days, so using terms like birthing people takes away their values and traditions.

Romero further explained that Latinos and Hispanics are patriotic, entrepreneurial, and prospering people that take their traditions and values with them wherever they go. Not only do they want the parties in the US to stand for liberty, justice, and freedom, but they look for equal opportunities instead of being given handouts.

In order to attract Latino voters in the upcoming elections, according to Romero, the GOP must prove that “brown lives matter” to them. This will also give them a chance to overthrow the Democratic majority in many states.