Flag Day in DC Features Altered Stars and Stripes

Flag Day celebrants and general passersby on Pennsylvania Ave. may have done a double-take. The (mostly) revered stars and stripes featured a surprise alteration. Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered a 51st star added as a political statement.

Apparently the Constitution isn’t the only part of our nation’s fabric that may be changed on the slightest whim.

In a statement, the mayor said that “700,000 tax-paying citizens” of the nation’s capital must be recognized. She said that “D.C.’s disenfranchisement” is an injustice founded in the Constitution that “demands to be righted.”

Bowser added that D.C. statehood is aligned with “the majority of Americans” who are pro-abortion, demanding “common sense gun reforms,” and share the district’s goal of inclusiveness.

House Democrats in April passed the “DC Admission Act,” which if passed would create the 51st state. It would make the independent district surrounding the nation’s capital smaller, encompassing important federal buildings and a few parks.

The surrounding area would become a new state named the “State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth,” in honor of abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

Unfortunately for Democrats, the pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way of their designs on reshaping the republic. What the left likes to deem a “living, breathing document” is rather clear on what is necessary to make such a change.

The Constitution specifically set up the district, and it is through the Constitution that changes must be made — a constitutional amendment. Besides, as the mayor thankfully noted in her statement, Democrats looking for a power grab have found one.

It was just last week that President Joe Biden asked Democratic donors to get him two more senators.

D.C. has a larger population than Wyoming or Vermont but lacks a voting member in the House or any representation in the Senate. The taxation rate is high, and by constitutional mandate its affairs are under the Congress.

Any real or imaginary grievances aside, the Constitution is a prominent reason why the republic still stands. Arbitrarily ignoring its provisions for short-term satisfaction of political goals is a dangerous trend the left has adopted. If the majority wants changes, do them the right way.