Fetterman Joins Federal Lawsuit To Force Pennsylvania To Count Undated Ballots

Senatorial candidate and sitting Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA) filed a federal lawsuit against state election officials in hopes the judge will allow for ballots with incorrect dates or no date to be counted in Tuesday’s final tally.

Undated and invalidly dated ballots have been a heated topic of debate in Pennsylvania throughout the 2022 midterms. Despite the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling last month that counting such ballots is illegal, Democrats have been staunch in their efforts to overturn what many see as a common sense barrier to election fraud.

Although it’s widely been speculated the left would continue their fight until the bitter end, Fetterman filing suit while still in the midst of a tight race with challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz (R-PA) comes as a shock to many.

If Fetterman wins, does he and his team immediately drop the lawsuit?

The lawsuit asserts that the state legislature requiring ballots to be properly dated is a violation of federal law that also causes voter suppression.

“The date [requirement] imposes unnecessary hurdles that eligible Pennsylvanians must clear to exercise their most fundamental right, resulting in otherwise valid votes being arbitrarily rejected without any reciprocal benefit to the Commonwealth,” reads the lawsuit.

Yesterday, a Pennsylvania court ruled against Republicans in a decision that will allow election officials to notify voters who made ballot-dating errors and allow them to correct their mistakes.

Fetterman unsubtly hinted at his intentions to drag out the vote-counting process as long as he can, telling voters to “buckle up for a long week” at a Monday campaign event. Those are the last words anyone still clinging to hope that a winner will be announced on Election Day wants to hear.

France has a population of nearly 70 million, yet somehow they have the ability to provide election results in less than 24 hours. What gives?

Despite their constant accusation that Republicans are a“threat to democracy,” it seems Democrats are doing everything they can to ensure the U.S. has the opposite of a swift election process.

With Fetterman still reeling from his cringe-worthy debate performance, which has played a key role in Dr. Oz’s late surge in the polls, this lawsuit is a good indicator that his campaign believes there’s a real possibility that the Lt. Gov. falls victim to the ensuing red wave.