Fear Has Become the New Get Rich Quick Scheme

Non-COVID-19 related deaths are up an alarming 40%. If it wasn’t enough that we can’t trust the government with our money as it is, we seem to be in a pandemic of the greedy.

Hospitals have racked up big bucks in the last several years, especially with worried patients that come in for care. Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden, and a large portion of the Democrat party has pushed the idea that if you have any symptom of sickness you have to rush to the hospital to get every test imaginable to make sure you aren’t dying.

HCA reported $3.75 billion in profits in the fourth quarter of 2020. Obviously there was a large uptick in hospital visits which resulted in profits, but when there’s a narrative of fear from a virus that’s over 98% survivable you should have some concern of profit generated outside of necessity.

Wayne Allen Root with The Western Journal wrote an op-ed describing a personal situation he was involved in that resulted in an unnecessarily large hospital bill. Long story short, Root’s friend had legitimate symptoms or a heart attack and spent 22 hours in the hospital getting tests done. Root described the situation as urgent rather than a simple case of the sniffles and he said, “Now 22 hours in a hospital costs $115,000. The frauds in the media don’t dare talk about that story.”

Congress also ignores this issue. It might be because of the massive amounts of lobbying that the pharmaceutical industry is engaged in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has always been about money. Massive amounts of money have been funneled to Fauci and the Democrat party because of fear, but mostly because of speaking engagements.

The phrase “if it bleeds it leads” isn’t only a media thing. The phrase gets politicians elected because they have to make their constituents believe they’re going to solve your problems.

Pushing fear turns people into hospital junkies. They no longer rely on their immune system and common sense, and have to seek outside resources to care for them. The problem is worsened by the symptoms of COVID-19 and the parallel to other common viruses. Fear is also heightened with the unpredictable nature of COVID-19.

Hospital bills grow more expensive the longer you’re admitted. If a 22-hour hospital stay racks up $115,000, what happens if you’re admitted for 5-day, 10-days or God forbid longer. That $115,000 can turn into a multi-million dollar expense very quickly.

Similar to war-time stocks, the vaccine mandates have lined the pockets of politicians with stock options in pharmaceutical companies.

The worst part is that people are learning that they can get rich quick off of these tactics and they’re likely not going to stop using them any time soon. Meanwhile, average citizens are suffering from the decisions politicians make. It’s a cycle that nobody likes but nobody can stop.