Fauci Tries to Rewrite Lockdown History

We have learned a lot in the last two years about Covid and the appropriate countermeasures to take to combat the virus. The CDC and doctor Fauci are now trying to spin what has happened to put themselves in the best light. This is an understandable human trait to try to do this, but it does a disservice to the price that was paid to learn the hard lessons. The biggest misnomer uttered during the pandemic was we are going to lock down to ‘flatten the curve’ so the hospitals are not overwhelmed. This was the original reason for the lockdowns. To slow the speed of transmission. Fast forward two years and Fauci has changed his tune.

This is a strange statement by Fauci since at the beginning of the pandemic there were no viable vaccines to speak of so it would be impossible to use the lockdowns for vaccine uptake. One thing he is correct about is his insertion that you could never utilize the same level of lockdowns that are now being instituted in China because we value freedom here and are not centrally controlled. The other reason is that total lockdown is a total disaster for the locked-down population’s mental health as we see every day in Shanghai.

The public would be better served if everyone involved took a step back and analyzed the things that worked and the things that clearly did not work. No one in charge seems willing to do that and that has serious implications for the next pandemic. Failure to do this will only add fuel to the idea that lockdowns are a political tool used by politicians to solidify their power. Americans dutifully did what they were told at the beginning of the pandemic because they trusted the authority’s assessment of the best road forward.

Few people trust the medical professionals or the CDC now. Everything has been politicized to the point where it will be exceedingly difficult to get Americans to unite behind an organized solution, even if that solution is the right one. The people in charge must find a way to regain our trust or be prepared to be irrelevant going forward.