Fauci is Now Changing His Tune on Natural Immunity

It wasn’t too long ago that people were labeled as “conspiracy theorists” or spreaders of misinformation when talking about natural immunity in relation to COVID-19.

Put simply, natural immunity occurs when someone contracts COVID-19, fights it off, and therefore acquires the antibodies to shield them from future infections. Many Americans made the case that individuals with natural immunity had no need for COVID-19 vaccines.

Natural immunity was something that health officials largely stayed away from discussing. Instead, people were told to get their vaccines and booster shots for themselves and for the community.

White House adviser Anthony Fauci, when previously questioned on if folks with natural immunity should get COVID-19 vaccines, stated he lacked a “firm answer.”

Now, Fauci seems to have discovered a firm answer on natural immunity after all.

The Latest From Fauci on Natural Immunity
During a very recent interview with The Hill, Fauci was asked why antibody tests and natural immunity were never seriously taken into account by the healthcare community.

Fauci’s response to this was stating healthcare officials always knew that COVID-19 infection provides some level of security against being reinfected.

This is very different from what Fauci said just last year. The White House adviser actually undermined natural immunity, then. He claimed it may not last for an “indefinite” time frame.

However, many people have made the same case about COVID-19 vaccines. Fauci, Biden, and other top officials have come down with COVID-19 in spite of getting multiple vaccines and booster shots.

Just last February, a study from Science Magazine confirmed that individuals who acquire natural immunity from COVID-19 enjoy immune memories lasting for “substantial” time periods.

Fauci did not get into these details during his conversation with The Hill or in his previous statements regarding natural immunity.

A Sea of Controversy
The White House adviser’s shifting comments on natural immunity simply add to the list of controversies surrounding him.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) warns that Fauci ultimately lied before Congress about gain-of-function research funding and should be held accountable.

Likewise, Paul repeatedly took Fauci to task for promoting the idea of small kids taking booster shots without supportive scientific evidence.

Other Republicans believe Fauci needs to be held accountable in a court of law for his rhetoric and claims that impacted millions of lives.