Fauci Is Misleading America Again

Time and time again, White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci has lied to the United States.

Fauci lied about the National Institutes of Health (NIH) not funding gain-of-function research. This lie was eventually revealed when the NIH came out later and admitted that it did fund these studies.

The medical adviser also admitted to lying about face masks.

When COVID-19 first emerged, Fauci said it was ridiculous for anyone to walk around wearing face masks. Though after shifting gears and demanding for Americans to mask up, Fauci said his initial claims about masks were just meant to preserve supplies for health officials.

During a recent interview with CNN, Fauci continued his pattern of being manipulative and dishonest.

An Utter Disgrace
While interviewing with CNN this week, Fauci was questioned about a Senate Health Committee interim report which shows a “research-related” situation most likely triggered the rise of COVID-19.

Of course, Fauci gave pushback to this. According to the medical adviser, he’s “skimmed” through the report from the Senate Health Committee, rather than reading the report in full, and deems it to be “unfortunate.”

Fauci later told CNN that other studies and findings from scientists disagree with the report produced by the Senate body. These clear attempts to discredit the committee’s findings ring hollow in light of Fauci’s own pattern of contradicting himself.

The medical adviser’s mention of other data doesn’t negate credible views that research incidents, the lab leak theory, or coronavirus in-lab tampering possibly triggered the pandemic.

An Unreliable Narrator
In the best of scenarios, Fauci’s claims should be taken with no more than a grain of salt. Time and time again, he’s proven himself to be unreliable.

Just days ago, Fauci sat down for another interview where he admitted “the jury is still out” when it comes to booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine. Yet, in the same breath, he also claimed there’s no reason for anyone not to take these boosters.

Months ago, Fauci was grilled by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for advising that children take the COVID-19 booster shot without any evidence of it providing benefits or protection to children.

In fact, there have been so many contradictions and discrepancies from Fauci that Republicans are vowing to investigate him upon retaking control of Congress.