Fauci Follows DeSantis’ Lead On Monoclonal Antibody COVID Treatments

The corporate media has established its cast of permanent COVID heroes and villains. Dr. Anthony Fauci is undoubtedly the most infallible of the heroes, and Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is likely the most popular “anti-science” villain.

We will now get to enjoy watching the media go through some mental gymnastics as a result of Fauci’s promotion of a COVID treatment recently endorsed by DeSantis. Both now appear to be on board with monoclonal antibody treatments as a valuable tool for treating infected patients.

When DeSantis first promoted the treatments, the AP ran a story accusing him of touting the therapy because one of his top political donors had millions of dollars invested in the plan. The story was misleading and attempted to create a scandal where none existed.

To make things even worse for the corporate media overall, Fauci himself is now supporting the very same treatment that media scapegoat DeSantis was unfairly slammed over.

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that Fauci is following in DeSantis’ footsteps. Fauci stated that sick persons with COVID-19 could reduce their risk of death and hospitalization by up to 85 percent with the same early monoclonal antibody treatment regimen touted previously by the Florida governor.

Fauci also said that synthetic antibodies could help patients avoid hospitalization and reduce the chance of severe illness by 70 to 85 percent. He emphasized that the treatment must be provided soon after infection and before hospitalization is necessary.

He added that the treatment is a “very effective way of treating early infection” that physicians and potential patients should consider since it has been an underutilized intervention so far.

The bias of the corporate media is not likely to go away anytime soon. Although Fauci has followed the lead of DeSantis regarding monoclonal antibodies, we shouldn’t expect any retractions or apologies.