Fauci Endorses SHOCKING New Mandate That Will GRIND This Nation To A Halt

How long can President Joe Biden’s administration increase testing for Covid-19? They’ve been “increasing testing” since he got into office. Honestly, the Covid-19 positive test is either false by PCR test or takes a prolonged period to get the results, so by the time you know you have Covid-19, you’ve already spread it. With the survivable Covid-19 virus and Delta variant, it’s become more infectious but less deadly.

Your favorite Democrat immunologist said that proof of vaccination or proof of a negative Covid-19 test is on the table for air or train travel. When are these people going to let Americans live their lives? When will this power grab of “show me your papers” end? And a better question, do you miss Donald Trump yet?

Anything mandated by the government has to be constitutional. The government hasn’t mandated the Covid-19 for everyone because it can’t be mandated under emergency use authorization (EUA). There’s also a reason that Congress, the White House staff, and the United States Postal Service aren’t mandated to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Congress and the White House aren’t mandated because we live in a country that has turned into “rules for thee, but not for me.” The government has an empowered ego and makes rules for everyone besides themselves. They feel that they are the ruling class and are exempt from any rules or laws they create.

Back to Fauci, mandating the vaccine for travel is unconstitutional. Traveling is a right, not a privilege. The Constitution says in Article 4, Section 2, “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.” It means that you have the right to travel from State-to-State and have the same rights as the citizens in the State you’re entering. It invalidates the quarantine measures if you enter a new state for vacation and makes it unconstitutional. Fauci hasn’t had the constitutional rights of citizens in mind since the pandemic began, and it’s funny that he has so much political power since he was never elected.

Dr. Leana Wen, the failed Planned Parenthood President, repeated, as she has many times, that Americans shouldn’t have the privilege to do anything such as travel, go out to eat, go to the grocery store, or anything else until they get vaccinated. Wen said that the Covid-19 vaccine was the “ticket back to pre-pandemic life,” which has undoubtedly been a lie, and even if it were the truth, the government doesn’t decide when Americans have freedoms or not. The Constitution begins with “We the people” because the government should never get big enough for these types of lockdowns, mandates, and vaccine passports to exist. It’s untenable that anyone would ever want to take away someone’s freedom that has the privilege of serving in political office. And Wen, Fauci, or anyone else who says these things need to be immediately removed from their position and chastised from society.