Far Left Canadian Party Seeks Punishment For ‘Offensive Remarks’

The radical Ontario New Democratic Party has its sights set on free speech around drag shows and wants legal punishment for those whose comments LGBT advocates deem offensive.

A Tuesday press conference led by party parliamentary member Kristyn Wong-Tam spotlighted the group’s aims. They now urge the Ontario government to create anti-free speech zones as a bubble around men publicly pretending to be women, often in front of children.

The party stands in opposition to Ontario’s conservative leadership and apparently prides itself on suppression of dissenting speech.

Wong-Tam, a woman who identifies herself with plural pronouns, declared to gathered journalists that the issue bringing them together this week is “deadly serious.”

She claimed “the rise of hate and violence facing the LGBT communities, including the drag artists, happening across Ontario and right [across] the nation has been alarming.”

Canada is a nation that, at least in leadership, lurched sharply leftward in recent years. It was 2022 when the government repealed a batch of historic laws that targeted indecency in bathhouses, nightclubs, and swinger clubs, often referred to as “safe spaces” for LGBT people.

Speaking along with Wong-Tam at the press conference was Jon Dobbie, who performs in drag as “Crystal Quartz.” He told reporters that he now faces criticism for conducting drag performances for kids.

At first the opposition to his shows was online, but then “they started showing up to all my events.” Dobbie said the protesters “screamed at parents and myself that they were groomers, pedophiles, and a bunch of other homophobic slurs to make everyone there feel unsafe to attend.”

He added that Ontario’s “cultural richness” is under attack.

The goal of the party is to create a 100-meter zone around these events or essentially anywhere they feel is appropriate. Within these spaces, “any homophobic, transphobic act of intimidation, threat, offensive threats, offensive remarks, protest, or hate propaganda” would be banned.

The penalty for running afoul of these bubbles would be $25,000 CDN.

Those who peddle indecency to children want a free rein to do so without opposition or protest. The public long since stopped caring what consenting adults do behind closed doors, but that’s not enough for the radical left, who will stop at nothing short of unfettered access to minors.