“Exclusive” – Donald Trump Jr. Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Result of ‘America Last’ Democrat Policies

America should come first when it comes to the President of the United States. Democrats don’t feel the same way, and it’s obvious. President Joe Biden has used language such as “we’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin” when speaking to unvaccinated Americans about their hesitancy about the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s not even hesitancy at this point, and it’s refusal. And that’s okay. Not every American gets the flu shot, and when you look at the data, there are some years that the flu shot is 60% ineffective, but nobody wears a mask to protect themselves from others who don’t get the flu shot. Many people who don’t get the flu shot have never gotten the flu, even if they’re around others who test positive for the flu. Where’s the hysteria? Tens of thousands of Americans die every year from the flu, except in 2020, oddly enough.

Afghanistan is a different story. Biden is super focused on not discussing Afghanistan because he knows it’s made his poll numbers drop. Any veteran can tell you that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was horrific, and nobody had to lose their life. The strategic operations weren’t well thought out. They were rushed and caused American military members to die, no question about it. Biden was adamant that he would leave Afghanistan in his way rather than keep the agreements that Trump had already negotiated. It was the final nail in the coffin for Biden’s presidential confidence. Americans do not trust the man, and there is no reason for them too.

Donald Trump Jr. told Breitbart, “I mean, the Democrat incompetence. You know, you see the Secretary of State, ‘We’re shocked. The Taliban has not installed a more inclusive and diverse Cabinet.’ I’m saying, are these people clowns?”

Did any American expect the Taliban to hold a moral code of human rights? No. The Taliban was going to fight to take over Afghanistan. That’s all there is to it. There was no reason for the Biden administration to give the Taliban the Bagram Air Force Base or Kabul. The only thing the Biden administration and top military leaders wanted was the Kabul, Afghanistan airport. That led to multiple suicide bombings that killed 13 U.S. service members, wounded over 50 U.S. service members, and killed hundreds of Afghan citizens, all thanks to the Taliban’s security in Kabul that the Biden administration allowed.

“I mean, it’s hard to take them even seriously, Matt, like, it’s just-have you been watching for 20 years? Our generals, who have been fighting there for 20 years, had no idea. They could not have seen this coming after 20 years,” Donald Trump Jr. Continued.

Donald Trump Jr. Explained that because so much military equipment was left, the Chinese, who have partnered with the Taliban, will reverse engineer it and theoretically have billions of dollars of military equipment for a fraction of that cost. What is Biden’s administration thinking, and why would they ever think this would go smoothly?

Donald Trump Jr. also noted that the United States has the capability, but the leadership lacks accountability and sound decision-making. These are the people protecting our country against our enemies, and General Mark Milley wants to sit there at a press conference and talk about how he wants to understand the White rage. What a disgrace to military leadership. The American population with White rage is so tiny that Democrats don’t hold Ku Klux Klan rallies anymore. They don’t want to expose themselves for who they are anymore, so they implement a new vaccine segregationist strategy to fulfill their racial void and put the wrath of hatred onto the United States citizens.