Ex-Google Employee Quit And Wants To ‘Censor Information’ Sharing And ‘Blames White Supremacy’ For It

The left needs false White supremacy messaging because they use it to attack Republicans and whoever they disagree with. Without the false claim of racism, the left wouldn’t have much of a leg to stand on.

Two employees working for Google’s ethical Artificial Intelligence team quit, and they have a lot to say about how Google operates.

Alex Hanna quit because she says Google has a “whiteness” problem.

In a blog post, Hanna wrote, “Google’s toxic problems are no mystery to anyone who’s been there for more than a few months, or who have been following the tech news with a critical eye.”

Hanna also wrote, “In a word, tech has a whiteness problem. Google is not just a tech organization. Google is a white tech organization.”

What’s not a mystery is the Google CEO’s lack of White. Sundar Pichai isn’t a White man.

Hanna’s comments can be boiled down to a radical leftist who left a company because they weren’t cowering to people of color or radical ideology. Yes, Google is a Democrat company. There’s no doubt about it. However, there are people in the company that are far more radical than the country itself.

In the blog post, Hanna says things like, “I could spend time rehashing the litany of ill-treatment by Google management from prior organizers or how the heads of diversity and inclusion are implicated in the company’s union-busting, which we know thanks to the case brought by the whistleblowers illegally fired for organizing against ICE, CPB, and anti-gay on YouTube.”

So, we finally get down to what Hanna wants. Censorship. Hanna doesn’t seem to use censorship in her AI work. Hanna supports radical leftist agendas and doesn’t want free speech on Google’s platforms. For that, Hanna shouldn’t be allowed to work for Google first, and the company may be better off without her.

Hanna described many situational scenarios where she “could” talk about a specific topic without ever diving into the details. That either means that Hanna doesn’t have the details because it didn’t happen, or she’s not going to discuss it because it didn’t happen the way Hanna wants to describe it, and more details would expose that she’s not telling the truth.

When someone isn’t happy with how a company conducts itself, especially when pushing for censorship, they have to embellish the truth to get people on their side.

Everyone has encountered a conspiracy or news story they want to find again, but they can prioritize information with Google’s massive search results. Hanna’s logic should be done to censor anti-gay and racial topics. Though these topics aren’t popular and can be hurtful to some people, they’re also included in free speech, which unfortunately allows the topics to be discussed in the open. You can’t take that away from anybody and expect your own beliefs to be heard or respected.