Even CNN Can See That Biden Has A Big Problem

For CNN to post polls data of independent voters moving away from President Joe Biden is astonishing. Their ratings continue to decline, and they have to find something else to complain about other than former President Donald Trump. If only they would be honest about Biden’s cognitive decline.  

The truth is out of the bag, Americans are pissed. CNN has to catch up to stay relevant. Christopher Cillizza, a CNN anchor, noted that in 2018 Democrats were able to win back seats and won the majority because they had 52% of independent voter support. In contrast, Biden has 38% now, and it isn’t looking good for him otherwise.  

Across the country, Democrats are considering their loyalties and what voters will see when their name appears on the 2022 midterm election ballot. Massive spending and unpopular policies and mandates make Democrats public enemy number one, and voters know it. Regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on, when your personal and medical freedoms are stripped away, you don’t like it. It never ends in a good way.  

The Covid-19 vaccine mandates are increasingly becoming unpopular. They’re going to be even more unpopular when Democrats realize that it affects the Black American community more than the White American community. These disparities will hit harder than expected when election time rolls around, and they need to be prepared. More so, when hospitals get to their max capacity, especially in New York, after over 70,000 employees have been fired because they chose not to get the Covid-19 vaccine, it’s going to become impossible to ignore that when the government infringes on your right to medical choice, they take away your bodily autonomy.  

The next big topic that Democrats aren’t going to ignore is the Covid-19 vaccine mandates in businesses. New York is the first example where several business owners have said that they’ve received a decrease of 25% since the Covid-19 vaccine mandates rolled out a couple of months ago. The city could see a rise in prices because businesses will have to make up for that 25% decrease in revenue.

Medical information should be between a doctor and patient, and even the Biden administration said they wouldn’t enforce the Covid-19 vaccine passport system. Why? Because they can’t. All of the Covid-19 vaccines available in the United States are still under the emergency use authorization, and you can’t be forced to take them under 21 U.S. Code 360bbb-3 that says they are optional. While the Supreme Court hasn’t decided yet, there will be lawsuits coming to clarify the public on the legality of Covid-19 vaccine disclosure requirements to enter businesses or attend events. It’s about time that a decision is made.