European Conservatives Have Opportunity To ‘Make A Stand’

Do European conservatives have a chance against the socialist wave forcing the continent down the path of ruin?

Attendees at CPAC 2022 in Orlando were given insight into the workings of the European Union, a collection of 27 member states that brings their histories and cultures to the party. Rob Roos, representing the Netherlands in the European Parliament, explained that the EU commission comprises highly liberal and unaccountable bureaucrats who make 60-80 percent of the body’s decisions.

Attendees also learned of the heavy emphasis by the EU on radical social changes, which is facing resistance from more conservative eastern European states such as Hungary. Its constitution now states, much to the chagrin of progressive members of the alliance, that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Getting less attention but no less noteworthy is the push in Budapest to encourage couples to tie the knot and have more children with significant financial incentives, and it’s working. After a quick surge in marriages in Hungary, the country now has the third-highest rate of new weddings in the EU.

The marriage rate has halved on a continent, and divorces have doubled since the 1960s.

Another critical area of concern for European conservatives is unchecked Muslim migration into their societies, which is encouraged and defended by the progressives of the EU. Muslim assimilation continues to be an issue as the massive increase in numbers only intensifies the clash of cultures.

Simply migrating to a place does not mean a person fits into that place. Someone does not become Chinese just by showing up there more than sleeping in Europe makes one European. Views on everything from church and state to religious minorities are vastly different, and that lesson is one that European politicians are very slowly realizing.

And if a conservative has the nerve to raise this prominent issue, that conservative is now “far-right” or “racist” or a “Nazi.” More and more citizens see the detriments of allowing people with vastly different histories, values, and experiences to enter their countries, where they then complain about not being “accepted.”

So, do European conservatives have a chance to make meaningful changes and stem the socialist tide?

As in the United States, where the multiculturalist and socialistic left has to be watched and resisted at every turn, undoubtedly it will take more of the continent’s population standing up and bringing its leadership in line with its people to stop the complete loss of Western values in their birthplace.