Eric Swalwell Spent More Campaign Funds On Luxury Than Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who was famously booted from the House Intelligence Committee because he allegedly slept with a Chinese spy known as ‘Fang Fang,’ is now facing another scandal after it has been revealed he spent over half a million dollars of campaign funds on various luxuries, including yachts, resorts and limos.

To the surprise of some, disgraced media outlet CNN pressed the Congressman on his alleged relationship with the spy in January of 2021, asking a masked Swalwell what more he may have learned about the case since it first became known to the public.

Swalwell reportedly doled out almost $583,000 on a myriad of luxurious travel expenses, dwarfing former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who spent $434,000 during the same two-year cycle.

RedState, who noted that many Americans are struggling with increased inflation following Joe Biden’s assumption of the White House, listed some of Swalwell’s “political” expenses:

  • $20,240 to the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, where his wife was the sales director until 2019
  • $1,800 at the Paris five-star Hotel La Maison Champs-Elysées
  • $3,538.94 at the Ritz Hotel Paris
  • $4,708 at Loews Miami Beach
  • $28,646 at Just Dreaming Yacht Charters, which, according to their website, “offers a relaxing and luxurious setting for up to 40 passengers.”
  • $131,000 in childcare expenses

The outlet pointed out that the most curious expense is arguably the $131,000 allegedly spent on childcare expenses.

Swalwell has captured the attention of the American public for quite some time. Perhaps one of the most notable moments of Swalwell’s political career occurred around the end of 2019 when he infamously appeared to fart on live TV.

Former President Donald Trump blasted the California congressman Wednesday, making fun of him for his removal from the House intelligence committee after his alleged affair with ‘Fang Fang.’

“Little respected Representative Eric Swalwell was just kicked off the Intelligence Committee for reasons of ‘Integrity and lack of Intelligence’ and, for having the poor judgment of dating and falling desperately in love with a Chinese Spy, Fang Fang, whose honey net has gotten massive amounts of information for her beloved China,” said Trump. “This idiot is now calling (for publicity purposes only!) for some Great American Patriots, including me, to be banned from the Capitol.”