Enraged Libs Crash Turning Point USA Event

Turning Point USA, a leader among conservative nonprofit organizations, was forced to cancel an event in northern California after a brawl erupted between left-wing protesters and attendees.

Organized by the UC-Davis chapter of the organization, the event was scheduled to take place on campus and feature a pro-life theme, including an appearance from popular podcast host Stephen Davis.

The show screeched to a halt before it even began after approximately 100 protests and counter-protesters began fighting.

The protestors arrived at the event armed with riot gear and pepper spray. Witnesses claim they used venue barricades to bang on the glass of the conference room where Stephen Davis was scheduled to speak.

According to a would-be speaker in attendance, the Biden voters initiated the confrontation and behaved in an aggressive manner from the start.

Ian Haworth, who was slated to give a pro-life speech, described the mob as “demonstrating a stunning lack of understanding or interest in what I actually believed.”

“Chants such as ‘f— Turning Point,’ ‘abort T-P-U-S-A,’ and ‘f—ing fascists’ were partnered with hastily prepared signs with slogans such as ‘keep your politics out of our bodies,’ ‘you’re pro-life until they are born,’ and — inexplicably — ‘abort my balls.’”

Believable, to say the least. Especially when it comes to Democrats and when they feel their right to kill unborn babies is threatened.. It’s like coming between a mama bear and her cubs, only in this case the mama wants to kill the cubs, not protect them.

To add a little confusion into the mix, there were reports claiming that some of the protestors wore clothes with “Proud Boys” labels.

Student organizers and UC Davis staff working the event concluded there was “grave danger should the event continue,” leading to the buzz-killing cancellation of the Republican gathering.

“It is unfortunate that the event could not proceed as planned. As a public institution, UC Davis values and supports freedom of expression as rights guaranteed to every citizen,” reads the university’s public statement.