Editor Daily Rundown The White House Crazy

President Joe Biden’s loyalty has been a massive issue for him. While Biden likes to act like he’s in charge of this country, he isn’t. Biden has echoed Leana Wen, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and the CDC regarding many issues, but more importantly, masks.

Wen said that she believes it should be hard for Americans to be unvaccinated, and if you aren’t, you should have social distance and get Covid tests constantly. Biden’s administration has just mandated unvaccinated federal employees get Covid tests once a week and social distance. So much for having thoughts of your own.

Biden hasn’t stopped there. Though the CDC guidance hasn’t been the most accurate, Biden follows along with anything they say. Mask, no mask, then mask again is Biden’s latest tactic, flipping the switch on Americans and ridiculing anyone who dares decide not to get vaccinated or who might not be able for whatever reason. Pelosi and Biden seem to be teaming up to make sure that the Democrats control your life, and it’s working.

“I hope all Americans who live in areas with substantial or high case rates will follow the masks guidance that the CDC is laying down. I certainly will, and I have. It is one of those areas in Washington. And my decision and my direction, all federal personnel and visitors to federal buildings will have to do the same thing. As I said from the beginning, a mask is not a political statement. It’s about protecting yourself and protecting others,” said Biden from his podium. This is a significant difference from his comments a couple of months ago, saying “it’s vaxed or masked.” So we’re back to “masked, or masked?” That doesn’t sound like a lot of options. The federal government says that the vaccination doesn’t work, and we already saw that masking doesn’t work, as covid-19 infection rates follow an up and downtrend.

Biden continued, “make no mistake, vaccines are the best defense against you getting severely ill from Covid-19. The very best defense. And you want to know how we put this virus behind us?” Yeah, sure, Joe, you have all the answers. Let’s hear it. “Well, I’ll tell you how, we need to get more people vaccinated,” what a genius. Biden went on about vaccines and breakthrough cases being rare, and other things we’ve all heard other people say first.

Biden has even argued about his flip-flopping. At the G7 summit, he discussed with a reporter about his previous statements and most recently argued with a reporter at a press conference. The reporter said, “Mr. President, you said that if you were fully vaccinated, you didn’t have to wear a mask.” To which Biden responded, “No, I didn’t say that I said if you’re fully vaccinated in an area where you do not have.” The reporter responded saying, “in May, you made it sound like.” Biden interrupted, saying, “in May, that’s true.” The reporter said, “you made it sound like you could lose the mask forever.” Biden yelled, “It was true at the time! Because do thought people weren’t going to understand that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference and what happened was a new variant came along, they didn’t get vaccinated, it was spread more rapidly, and more people were getting sick. That’s it.”

Biden left without answering any more questions, but more questions need to be answered. Why would mask mandates work now when they didn’t work last time? Why would Americans get a vaccine based on a lie? Is the federal government still going? The previous question is valid, but Biden doesn’t answer their questions, and Americans need to know.