Donald Trump Puts Final Nail In Liz Chaney’s Coffin After Poll Numbers Reveal Her Worst Nightmare

Those who thought Former President Donald Trump is out of politics would be gravely mistaken. Trump is counseling candidates for runoff and midterm elections and bulldozing anyone who stands in the way.

Trump wants Pelosi and her followers to be removed from office, paving the way for a more constitutional house, senate, and, eventually, presidency. Pelosi is uninterested in the constitution and has made it apparent that she doesn’t care what it says. She’ll do anything she wants, no matter what. Liz Chaney, dubbed “Pelosi’s new laptop” by Trump, is set to be voted out if Trump and many other Republicans get their wish.

Republicans are going through their belongings. Many Republicans in office have made it apparent that they wish to aid Democrats in taking over government authority while tolerating fundamental constitutional infractions. The White House is now collaborating with Facebook to identify misinformation. The federal government will very certainly extend the eviction moratorium enacted by the CDC, despite its lack of constitutional jurisdiction to do so.

Recent polls show that Chaney should be gone when election time rolls around. A CBS poll shows that 80% of Republicans who were polled want Chaney gone. Chaney was unsupportive of Trump about election claims and said that Republicans couldn’t hold conservative values and act the way they have recently.

The biggest problem with Chaney is that she doesn’t seem to understand the Republican Party as her father, Dick Chaney, taught her. Sick Chaney wasn’t precisely a Republican. He didn’t care about the deficit, said stay-at-home moms should have equal pay to working moms and profited off big corporations his whole life. It seems nowadays the Republican Party identifies more with libertarians than they once did with conservatives. We live in a time where Republicans, conservatives, and anyone who isn’t a liberal wants more freedom for everyone and wants to protect our freedoms. On the other side of the aisle, Democrats are too toeing the line of socialism and communism. It turns out freedom works, and it’s worth fighting. All legal options for freedom are being implemented, and the Supreme Court backs the constitution every time they get a case in front of them. Chaney can claim she supports the constitution, but her actions say different things.

The Republican Party doesn’t need corporate politics. They don’t need someone who will be loyal to Trump forever and ever, either. What the Republican Party needs is an honest constitutionalist who isn’t afraid to “polls the bear” of the Democratic Party while calling out republicans when they’re wrong. That’s not a complex concept to grasp, but everyone wants a sound bite that makes them look good in the political theater we have now.