Donald Trump Jr. Lays Into Liz Cheney After Her Big Primary Loss

Patriots and true Republicans alike were thrilled when notable RINO Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) lost her primary contest to make it onto the November ballot.

Cheney spent her time in office attacking Donald Trump and vowed to keep working to keep him out of the White House.

She turned heads with her concession speech when she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln.

Donald Trump Jr. went on Newsmax and had quite a few words to say about the soon-to-be former representative and her significant loss.

“A 40-point drubbing doesn’t make you Abraham Lincoln; it certainly doesn’t make you Ulysses S. Grant, either,” Trump Jr. told Wednesday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

He brings up the issue of candidates labeling themselves conservative when they align much more with Democratic ideologies and actions.

“I think that’s the problem with people like Liz Cheney. They hear what CNN wants them to believe is a conservative. They don’t listen to their constituency. They certainly don’t listen to the people of the state of Wyoming, which I believe is perhaps the most conservative state in the union. And they believe that that means there is a very presidential contender,” Trump Jr. continued.

Echoing what many conservatives believe, Trump Jr. calls Cheney’s action “just one big grift.”

“It’s just one big grift, ultimately, Rob. She’s auditioning for the role of the ‘conservative’ — you know, in air quotes — on CNN while simultaneously running for a board seat at Raytheon so we can continue the endless wars. And then she’s gonna grift and try to find, you know, the Joe Walsh lane for president to be funded by, you know, the Lincoln Project. It never ends and, you know, I think she’s going to probably learn that the hard way.

“I think we’re probably done with Cheney in American politics, and good riddance.”

Cheney joined ranks with Democrats to join the House Jan. 6 Committee, which seeks to bring Trump down, regardless of the lack of evidence proving any wrongdoing.

Trump Jr. said regarding the committee that she “is a conservative that does whatever the Democrats want when it actually matters.”

As Cheney’s political career is over at the moment, there’s no saying what she may be elected to next.