Don Lemon Too Disgraced To Host NYC Event

Don Lemon has decided to step back from the spotlight amidst the recent backlash he’s received. He has reportedly backed out of an upcoming event that he was set to moderate.

The event was scheduled to take place in New York City and was intended to discuss the topic of race and real estate in honor of Black History Month. However, Lemon has decided not to host the event as planned.

This decision was made shortly after facing backlash for his recent misogynistic comments about Nikki Haley, declaring she was “past her prime.” The comment received disapproval from both political parties, with Democrats and Republicans alike criticizing Lemon for his remark.

Nikki Haley, who has gained attention as a result of Don Lemon’s misstep, made a clever remark on “Sunday Morning Futures.” She said, “The thought of me entering the race makes liberals’ heads explode. If you think I’m past my prime, hold my beer.” The comment was so popular that she started selling koozies featuring the quote on her website. Haley saw the opportunity to turn the situation around and make something positive out of it, and she plans to continue doing so.

According to insiders, Lemon was concerned that his current negative news coverage would overshadow the NYC event, and the event coordinators at Douglas Elliman reportedly agreed with his concerns and allowed him to withdraw from his hosting duties.

Real estate broker John Gomes, who works for Elliman, has been named as Lemon’s replacement for the event. Despite the change in hosts, the event will still proceed as scheduled.

In spite of issuing an apology for his offensive remark about Nikki Haley, Don Lemon continues to receive criticism on “CNN This Morning” for his conflicts with co-hosts. Additionally, the show’s viewership numbers are steadily declining, with the program projected to achieve its lowest monthly audience in both total viewers and key demographic categories since its launch last year.

According to Fox News, “‘CNN This Morning’ is averaging a dismal 361,000 total viewers through the first 24 days of the month, down 16% from the 430,000 that CNN’s previous morning show ‘New Day’ managed in February of last year before it was canceled because of poor viewership. When it comes to the audience coveted by advertisers, ‘CNN This Morning’ is managing only 73,000 viewers to lose 13% of the ‘New Day’ audience.”

With numbers like these, it appears CNN host Don Lemon can make all the misogynistic comments he’d like about Nikki Haley because no one is watching to hear them.