Don Lemon Slanders and Targets Republicans

For years on end, mainstream media outlets have been accused of showing outright bias against Republicans.

This largely began during the 2016 presidential election when then-candidate Donald Trump was running for the White House. Although issues with the media and its manners of reporting have continued long since then.

One outlet that’s continuously accused of bias is CNN. On numerous occasions, conservatives have stated that CNN does not even pretend to be fair in its reporting and instead openly backs Democrats.

Now, CNN news anchor Don Lemon is making national headlines for a recent tirade against Republicans.

Lemon on Public Treatment of the GOP
On Thursday, Lemon ranted about what he views as the unfairness of having to treat Republicans and Democrats on a level playing field in the media. The news anchor claimed there’s no “equivalence” between the two parties.

After branding the GOP as a danger to American society, Lemon stated that both journalists and the public have to acknowledge this supposed threat posed by Republicans.

He then went one step further, claiming that if this narrative about the GOP isn’t widely spread, then journalists aren’t truly doing their jobs.

Later, Lemon stated if Republicans chose to go on CNN, they have to be prepared to answer for what they’re doing to the country.

The news anchor also made clear his view that Republicans should have to answer for supporting former President Trump and permitting his “antics.”

What Brought This On?
CNN is under new management that aims to repair the network’s image amongst the general public. This means transitioning CNN away from being a platform that overtly champions left-wing viewpoints, causes, and candidates.

New CEO Chris Licht is working to have CNN provide more balanced and fair coverage, thus leading to Lemon’s latest tirade against the GOP.

In the wake of Lemon unleashing these charged, partisan claims, speculation has arisen about how long he may remain with the network.

Ultimately, Thursday’s remarks from Lemon are very much on brand with the current status quo of CNN, rather than the new direction that Licht has expressed the network needs to go.

Time will tell whether or not Lemon is one of the next employees to leave CNN.