Don Jr. SPOTS Something On Biden That EVERYONE Needs To See

The President of the United States must speak directly to foreign leaders, which is precisely what President Joe Biden did during the withdrawal from Afghanistan. On a 14-minute phone call, Biden told Ashraf Ghani that he should perceive that everything is going well even though Biden and Ghani knew that wasn’t true. Just after the conversation with Biden, Ghani fled the country. That should give you an idea of how much faith Ghani had in the Biden administration. Biden also said that Ghani was a coward in a press conference, but Biden is the actual coward according to the phone call.

Former President Donald Trump was impeached because of a similar phone call. Trump spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The phone call consisted of Zelensky complimenting Trump on his election and explaining how he took note of Trump’s strategy and utilized it. Trump allegedly urged the Ukrainian President to investigate Hunter Biden and was impeached by the House, but all charges were dropped in the Senate, and Trump was not removed from office.

Fast forward to 2021, and Biden theoretically does the exact thing Trump was accused of doing. Someone on the White House staff determined that releasing a transcript of the phone call between Biden and Ghani was critical, and we appreciate it.

Biden has effectively lied to the American people and tried to spin that lie that would execute hundreds of thousands of people to be used as a popularity contest. That’s what’s happened. Biden saw reputation over human life and wanted to get Ghani in on the charade.

Donald Trump Jr. Saw the opportunity to call out the left and tweeted, “By the standards set by democrats, how is this not impeachable?”

The moral of the hypocritical story Democrats like to tell is that you have to be careful what behavior you allow. If Mark Zuckerberg were a Republican, you would expect Republicans to go after him to censor Democrats just as Democrats should go after him for censoring Republican voices.

Biden has committed several impeachable acts. Biden ignored legal and constitutional doctrines in the eviction moratorium and allowed the southern border to remain wide open. At the same time, politicians begged him to do something about it, and when he put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border, nothing was done. The Supreme Court intervened and ordered Biden to reinstate Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy. Hunter Biden has used his father’s power for his advantage more times than the media is aware of, and it seems that he lives in hotel rooms, according to all released videos. According to Hunter, Russians are using blackmail against him when his hard drive was stolen during a drug deal. All while Biden used financial advantage over Ukraine to fire a prosecutor to investigate his son’s Burisma deal. Hopefully, you can follow along.

So, after saying that, does it sound unreasonable for Trump to ask about Biden’s Ukrainian relationship with Hunter? Regardless of if it was impeachable, there are still many questions that Americans have.