DOJ Refuses To Release 15 Pages Of Documents Explaining Biden’s ‘Voter Access’ Plan

On March 7, 2021 President Biden issued an Executive Order (EO) called “Promoting Access to Voting” instructing federal agencies to “promote voter registration, help Americans apply to vote by mail, and “combat misinformation,” among other measures.”

Voting is a privilege that many Americans enjoy, but over the past few years starting with COVID, things have changed. Under the constitution, elections are primarily handled at the state level, but much of what has happened recently has been on a federal level leading some to believe the ultimate goal is to federalize elections.

According to Breitbart, “The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents about the DOJ plan last year, which the DOJ refused to produce until compelled to do so by a federal court last Thursday, two months before the 2002 midterm elections. While it did provide a few documents, the DOJ used a loophole in the FOIA legislation to withhold the “strategic plan” for Executive Order 14019.”

Rep. Ted Budd (R.-N.C.) said in a statement, “President Biden’s executive order empowering every federal agency to engage in electioneering on the taxpayers’ dime raises serious ethical and legal concerns. This sweeping directive is inherently partisan and directed primarily at groups expected to vote for one party over another.”

There are two things at play here. The first is that the Executive Order itself gives power to the federal government to get involved in what is constitutionally a matter for each state. It also gives the federal government, and in turn whatever party is in power, the ability to use federal money to potentially harvest votes.

The second, more important thing at play right now is that the DOJ has a 15-page document explaining the Biden administration’s strategy to use the EO but refuses to release the documents. Many believe the refusal stems from the “fact” that the policy is being coordinated with left-wing groups leading up to the midterm elections in just two months.