Specialist Announce That Biden Needs Mental Capacity To Lead, Addresses Illegal Medical Issues

Everyone saw this coming. President Joe Biden’s mental capability is declining, and it’s becoming more apparent than ever, especially when Biden speaks at significant events around other world leaders who have it together. The comparison is laughable. The United States is being embarrassed, and there’s no telling what goes on behind the scenes at these events. 

The Vatican canceled the live feed of Biden and Pope Francis’ meeting, and it’s obvious why. The Pope didn’t want to be embarrassed. Rumors were going around Rome that Biden had pooped his pants, and while not confirmed, it’s hilarious. It’s hilarious because there’s a high likelihood that it’s true. Biden is not only old but getting feeble every day and mentally declining. These are all symptoms of bathroom accidents that could very well be a reality. It was quickly fact-checked because there’s no evidence of it being confirmed. That’s also the only reason it’s not proven true. There hasn’t been a press release or an excuse from the White House for the delay, and the Vatican hasn’t said why the Livestream didn’t occur. It’s suspicious. 

Fact-checking has gone all the way to call Biden’s Vatican poop accident a “right-wing conspiracy theory.” 

While that’s a stretch for conspiracy theories, there may be a link between Biden pooping his pants and flat earth. We’ll have to wait for CIA documents to be released to be sure. 

Former President Donald Trump suggested that Biden was on drugs to perk him up for debates and extensive interviews even back on the campaign trail.

Juanita Broaddrick said, “Rumor is Joe is taking the dementia medication, Namenda. One of the common side effects is diarrhea. Now we know he’s running to the bathroom,” and showed a picture of Biden walking away from the press as he usually does without taking any questions.

Interestingly, this has been a consistent issue and a reoccurring issue. Biden is constantly late to his press conferences, just as he was late to the Vatican and the COP26 Climate Summit. The president’s credibility has already been questioned with his decisions on world topics, and now he’s making it worse. 

Dr. Ted Noel joined the Next News Network to explain the types of Dementia and how they can come up.

“You have to be careful, and there are several forms of dementia, and they can come in several overlapping forms so we can’t be sure what form we have, but what we do know is in the public record where he loses names, he just fumbles things in perhaps the classic is when he quoted the Declaration of Independence ‘we are endowed by our you know the thing.”

Everyone remembers that statement, and it’s been a massive concern since he said it. 

“Those sorts of, just, malaprops and difficulty remembering, ‘oh why, why am I here.’ Those types of things are typical of Dementia. And the specific focus that you see will depend on the form of Dementia. Alzheimer’s is primarily memory loss, Parkinson’s is a judgment error, we discussed that with Hilary back several years ago, and in his case, we see a whole complex of symptoms that look like either Prefrontal Dementia or Frontotemporal Dementia.” 

It’s what we’ve all suspected. Though Dr. Noel said he’s being cautious because he’s not Biden’s doctor, he spent 36 years practicing medicine.