Disturbing Video: Elderly Shanghai man Taken Away in a Body Bag — While Still Alive

A shocking video has gone viral on social media that reportedly shows officials in Shanghai, China taking away an elderly man in a body bag. The man, however, is quickly discovered to still be alive.

At least four health officials have lost their jobs because of the incident, according to reports.

The BBC has reported that four health officials carried away an elderly male patient — who was believed to be dead at the time — from a care home in Shanghai, China.

In the disturbing video that has since gone viral online, the officials are seen wheeling the elderly man’s body down the street and loading it into a hearse before finally realizing that the man was actually still alive.

Upon discovering that they had been mistaken, the workers are then seen opening the bag, and at least one worker is heard confirming that the man is, indeed, still alive.

The health officials immediately recoil upon realizing the mistake and begin discussing the next steps of what needed to be done.

Local officials confirmed the incident in an announcement on Monday, stating that the elderly patient had been transported to a local hospital following the incident, where he was admitted in stable condition.

Manya Koetse, editor-in-chief of What’s on Weibo, shared the video on Twitter with the caption: “This is the video everyone’s talking about today, showing how a Shanghai nursing home resident is taken away to the morgue in a body bag. At around 38 sec in the video, the staff member backs away and says: ‘He’s alive. He’s alive, I saw it. Don’t cover him anymore.’”

Koetse’s video has received more than 91,000 views at the time of this reporting.


CNN reported that the incident has received widespread condemnation across Chinese social media as Chinese citizens continue to suffer under extreme COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns across the city.

“The problems in Shanghai are fully exposed this time,” one user wrote.

“This counts as intentional homicide,” another tweeted.

“The government doesn’t care … what is going on in Shanghai?” another said.