District Of Columbia School ‘Defies’ Case Law And Has Children ‘Engage’ In BLM Activism

Black Lives Matter is a political organization with a small amount of activism. If you look at where BLM’s money goes, after the millions were given to the leaders, some are given to the Democrat party and exclusive to the Democrat party. On a political level, BLM can be directly associated with the “Make America Great Again” movement even though the MAGA movement isn’t violent and doesn’t burn down cities. They can be compared on a strictly opposing political basis, only opposites.

Forcing children to participate in BLM activism could be done by a parent, but at no point should it ever be done by a teacher.

Apparatchik teachers at Lowell School in Washington, DC, decided to march around the school with masks and BLM signs. It is a private school, so there’s a significant possibility that Lowell School will lose some of its students after this stunt.

At Lowell School, Pre-Primary School costs $32,260, Kindergarten $38,553, first through third grade $39,820, fourth through fifth $40,582, and sixth through eighth $42,570. Imagine if just 10% of the 340 enrolled student body left? That would be $1,096,840 out of the school’s budget, assuming the lowest enrollment price of $32,260 and 34 students. That is the effect that these decisions can have on a school.

According to the school, Lowell School “is a non-profit educational institution organized under the laws of the District of Columbia.

To quote National Law Review, “The First Amendment also does not entitle teachers to advocate for a particular viewpoint while teaching to a captive audience of students. Mayer v. Monroe.”

Mayer v. Monroe is a court case where a teacher spoke of political activism to a student and was fired. The case quoted in Garcetti v. Ceballos says, “When public employees make statements in the course of their official duties, they are not speaking as citizens for purposes of the First Amendment, and the Constitution does not protect such speech from employer discipline.”

That means that the school, under the District of Columbia laws, is not exempt from firing the teachers or employees involved in organizing and putting on the event within the school. Activism from teachers has no place in schools. Case law proves this.

You also can’t forget about Denver School promoting segregated playground times, can you?

According to case law, schools’ social justice warrior attitude has gone way too far. It’s not legal.