Disgraced ex-Candidate Slams Civics Teacher for Recommending Conservative Books

A disgraced ex-candidate who was just disqualified from running in a Florida Democratic primary this month had scathing criticism for a middle school civics teacher. The educator’s crime? Recommending conservative political books to students.

Rebekah Jones gained fame when she was fired from the Florida Department of Health in 2020 after accusing officials of pushing her to manipulate COVID-19 data. She declared Gov. Ron DeSantis was trying to reopen the state on false data.

Only, no one was buying her story then either. Even the leftists backed away when it quickly unraveled. When the mainstream media smells a rat coming from their political viewpoint, it’s a sure sign that the stench is obvious and unbearable.

That didn’t stop her from making some quick rounds on left-wing networks, but that evaporated rapidly. So, she became a congressional candidate and a critic of one conservative civics teacher in Florida.

One of the books that horrified Jones was Breitbart Editor in Chief Alex Marlow’s “Breaking the News.” The teacher, who has not been named, also endorsed Mark Levine’s “American Marxism.”

For the sin of recommending books that do not promote leftist ideology, Jones tweeted that the books simply represent “propaganda in schools.” Apparently the writings were displayed with a sticky note saying they are “favorite books.”

And that came from a civics teacher, something that Jones repeated for emphasis. Civics teachers have recommended everything from Howard Zinn to Huey Long for decades, but only now it becomes propaganda when two conservative books get the stamp of approval?

Jones, for the record, just found herself last week on the outside looking in at Florida’s 1st Congressional District primary race.

She was running as a Democrat against Peggy Schiller, who brought the suit based on a state election law requiring a person be a member of their party for one year before qualifying.

Besides the judge’s ruling, which Jones said she will appeal, there’s the little matter of her home state’s record of dealing with books in school libraries.

Florida is a beacon shining across the nation for its stance against inappropriate materials being exposed to kids, and the disgraced Jones wanted to add books with simply a conservative tilt to that number. Perhaps somewhere else, but not in Florida.