Digital Currency Announcement Sends Up Red Flags

For quite some time, people have been concerned about a totalitarian new world order making its way into existence. Under such a system, it has been said there would be no borders between nations, no private ownership, and only one form of currency.

Many people who warn about the dangers of a new world order are often gaslit and deemed to be conspiracy theorists.

Though this was once said about individuals who forewarned about a push to have people microchipped. In certain parts of the world, some people have taken microchips in order to pay for goods or access machines at their jobs.

Now, a new announcement of a trial run with digital money has a lot of people raising alarm bells.

What Every American Should Be Aware Of
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is joining forces with many banks around the world. In this partnership, the banks involved will move forward with a “digital dollar pilot program.”

This program will last for three months and involve test-running a network of digital money. This network is going to exist within a ledger that is spread across multiple entities.

A managing director for Citigroup — one of the banks involved in this partnership — expressed that American dollars which are “programmable” could be assets in helping businesses, infrastructure, and overall innovation.

The Citigroup executive also expressed how digitizing central bank funds, along with bank deposits from individuals, is not necessarily limited to this three-month program. In fact, the managing director explicitly said further expansion of this could occur later down the line.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
It goes without saying that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and other financial institutions are not going to objectively share the full truth with the public.

The reality is the program these banks are test-running opens the door to a social credit system, the erasure of individuals’ hard-earned money and the removal of freedoms that
most take for granted.

Banks’ efforts to paint digital money as futuristic and innovative have been rightfully slammed on social media by concerned citizens. More people than one might expect can very clearly see the real danger posed.

Once America goes down this road and agrees to digital currency controlled by the government, there will be no turning back.