Did Everyone Forget Pelosi Withheld Stimulus Checks?

“Take your free stuff and shut your mouth” is the sentiment of the left in the modern age of 2022, but there’s more to life, happiness, and a path forward than something free. The very word free doesn’t come with anything for free. Free is a term often associated with monetary value, but too many times recently, that term should never apply to money, but a state of living.

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) tweeted:

Take you back to October 2020, where President Donald Trump and candidate Joe Biden were battling for President, and state Governors continued to shut down businesses and make it almost impossible to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans were desperate for help as they struggled to pay bills.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “Nothing is agreed upon until everything is agreed upon. That’s how it’s always been. If the President wants to wait until he wins the election, it may take a long time.”

The Democrat party was willing to keep money from the American people for what? Because Pelosi didn’t like the President? If the government closes a firm, the revenue created by such a business should be compensated. It isn’t a “Build Back Better” type of situation, which is very different.

Duckworth can keep the “checks in pockets” talk to herself because her party tried to stop that. If Trump had won, things would be very different, but the Democrats gave Americans stimulus checks because Biden won. You know it wouldn’t have happened if Trump won.

One Twitter user said:

Couldn’t have said it any better.

There’s no better time than now to change history and control the narrative. Social media companies control everything people see, and an algorithm takes you to exactly what you like. What makes people think those who got very little exposure to Pelosi’s comment won’t get this full blast because they can be convinced of a specific narrative? It is the new book burning.

Currently, we’re seeing massive inflation and an endless supply of dumba**ery with the current President. Of course, Democrats are coming out in waves trying to defend Biden for his total incompetence.