Desperate Dems Want Term Limits on Supreme Court

House Democrats continue to throw everything against the wall hoping that something will stick when it comes to reshuffling the Supreme Court. Now it’s term limits.

The Supreme Court Tenure Establishment and Retirement Modernization Act (Term Act) is more than just a cumbersome mouthful. It is a complex and doomed proposal to rework the court to favor their own image of the living and breathing constitution.

Each president would get a nomination to the bench in their first and third years of office. Justices would serve a maximum of 18 years before retiring, and sitting justices would be “senior” and retire in order of their present seniority.

The hopeless bill was introduced by a host of House Democrats, including Hank Johnson (GA), David Cicilline (RI), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX), and Ro Khanna (CA), among others.

Far from a “Who’s Who” of the left, this entourage more resembles a “Who’s That?”

Johnson released a statement saying the court faces a “legitimacy crisis.” He laments that five of six justices who tend to vote conservatively were nominated by Presidents Trump and George W. Bush. Neither won the popular vote, but perhaps Mr. Johnson needs to brush up on civics.

Both presidents won the White House constitutionally, and there are no asterisks beside their names. Their nominees to the high court were approved by the Senate constitutionally, and they are not “junior” or “illegitimate” justices.

Unfortunately for Johnson and his ilk, that crisis is only felt on the Democratic side. As leftist hero and former President Barack Obama famously uttered, “Elections have consequences.”

Not so, believes House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, another co-sponsor. He cites the “harmful and out-of-touch” decisions made recently that are harmful to his agenda and out-of-touch with leftist radicals.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is presenting a similar version of the TERM Act in the Senate.

These efforts follow in the footsteps of court-packing as more desperate measures by Democrats to impose their will onto society. Democracy is in fact functioning as intended, just not how the left wishes it to. Wholesale changes to get your way are a temporary fix for the ruling party.

Not to mention a very short-sighted fix that may completely unravel in the next election cycle.