DeSantis Vows to Fight ‘Ministry of Truth’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) vowed on Friday to fight back against the Biden administration’s newly proposed “Disinformation Governance Board,” comparing it to the “Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s “1984.”

“You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country,” DeSantis said. “Let’s get real here. Let’s make sure we are doing things to benefit Floridians and Americans, but we’re not going to let Biden get away with this one. We will be fighting back.”

In his comments, which he made Friday morning in Williston, Florida, the governor alluded that Biden’s efforts in creating the board amount to a war on conservatives protesting the “decaying and discredited ruling elite in this country.”

DeSantis also noted that he initially thought that the Biden administration’s proposed board was a “belated April Fool’s Joke,” and went on to say that it was intended to “stifle dissent.”

“They want to be able to put out false narratives without people being able to speak out and fight back,” the governor continued. “They want to be able to say things like ‘Russian collusion’ and perpetuate hoaxes and have people like us be silenced.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the proposed Disinformation Governance Board just a few days after Elon Musk purchased Twitter, which had prompted Democrats and left-wing activists to express fear of the consequences of unfettered free speech and potentially swayed elections.

Musk himself called the proposed board “discomforting” in a reply to a tweet from conservative comedian Steven Crowder, who wrote: “The government is creating a misinformation governance board. Who else did something like that? Oh I remember, the Nazi’s. And there’s some data showing some interesting things going on post-[Elon Musk]’s Twitter takeover!”

The board will be headed by Nina Jankowicz, who formerly worked as a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center and will act as executive director. Critics have blasted her appointment, citing her past support for censorship and promotion of left-wing disinformation. Jankowicz previously claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a “Trump campaign product,” the Washington Examiner reported, and suggested that it was a “Russian influence op.”