DeSantis “Secret Police” Creation Sparks Fear In Democrats And Patriotism In Republicans

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially begun potentially succeeding from the United States. DeSantis wants to form a civilian-military presence inside Florida that isn’t beholden to the federal government. Why not? The federal government hasn’t offered much assistance to their created problems, and more states should follow Florida’s lead.

The southern border is an excellent example of federal government failure. President Joe Biden hasn’t intervened at the south of the border and hasn’t even visited the border since the problem started. Florida has had enough of the migration problem, and many other states have.

Currently, 22 states have their military defense separate from the National Guard, so, surprisingly, many people are outraged. Not to mention the 10th amendment. We’ll leave that there.

An occasional columnist at NY Daily News, Brandon Friedman, tweeted, “Florida governor Ron DeSantis is either openly preparing for a break from the federal government, or he wants his followers to ‘to believe’ he is. Either way, it’s dangerous for the future of the United States.”

How is it dangerous? If you look at enforcement’s ability, it will be less risky. Florida will have the ability to deploy anywhere in the state without the federal government’s assistance. And, why would it be a bad thing? Florida has at least one hurricane every year. The extra resources would be good for the state.

Friedman continued, “Yesterday, DeSantis called for the reactivation of the World War II-Era Florida State Guard. State Guards aren’t inherently bad or unusual. They supplement the National Guard in 23 states. What’s unusual is DeSantis’ timing and motivation.”

The intentions are valid.

Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL) said, “No Governor should have his own hand picked secret police.”

What’s the secret about it? It was announced, and DeSantis is open about it. To say that would be to say that the National Guard is the government’s “secret police.” We all know that they already have those. It’s called the FBI.