DeSantis Rejects “Security State” Model For Florida

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proclaimed Thursday that “freedom has prevailed” over the biomedical security state and its draconian shutdowns and passports. Speaking to CPAC in Orlando, the Governor celebrated the defeat of “Fauci-ism” that curtails people’s freedoms while destroying their livelihoods.

Pointing to the prominent bad examples of Canada and Australia in how to react to a health crisis, DeSantis lauded the Sunshine State’s leadership in setting the example for common-sense health policies that do not take away freedoms.

In fact, despite critics from the left who would permanently mask our children, DeSantis is correct in spotlighting Florida’s stunning success in both protecting liberties and achieving the lowest per capita COVID-19 rates in the United States last fall.

Doesn’t this seem like something everyone would celebrate?

The contradictions are so glaring they are comical. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was pushed up onto a pedestal for his state’s draconian lockdowns, and his morning wails about doom and disaster if we all don’t stand six miles apart and wear coverings that would embarrass the Michelin Man.

How’s his leadership looking now?

Meanwhile, much further south, the rebellious DeSantis was among the first to lift his state’s lockdowns with a forward-thinking approach that combined protecting the state’s most vulnerable while allowing society to function by keeping both schools and businesses open.

As Florida has an average population older than the front row of a Lawrence Welk concert, common sense says COVID-19 and its variations would crush the state.

Nope. Florida’s rate is lower than New York’s or California’s. And when is the last time we heard the legacy media criticize Gavin Newsom for locking down his state and pummeling small businesses close to extinction.

DeSantis’ message to CPAC was a sweeping endorsement of conservative politics and personal freedoms. The Governor touted Florida’s leadership as the first big state to stare down Big Tech censorship and take the battle to “left-wing oligarchs in Silicon Valley” who want to de-platform conservative voices.

The Governor has several other reasons to tout the success of his home state to national conservatives. Florida now has the largest budget surplus in the nation, thanks in a massive way to the state GOP fighting to keep businesses open when so many others preferred the ostrich approach.

And, as DeSantis pointed out to an appreciative audience, Florida was also one of the first states to stand up for women’s and girls’ athletics. With political correctness and gender identity madness run amok, the state banned biological males from competing in female sports at public schools and colleges.