DeSantis Is Not Holding Back On Fauci

Many Americans do not have warm or fuzzy feelings toward Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci largely spearheaded the COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions that imposed massive societal harms.

Throughout all of this, Fauci never once expressed that any mandates went too far. At one point, he was even claiming that governments needed to get more “forceful” in making folks adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

To top it all off, the infectious diseases official stands accused of funding puppy torture experiments and lying about using American taxpayer dollars to fund gain-of-function research in China.

Amid all of this, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is being candid about what he really thinks of Fauci.

The Latest From DeSantis on Fauci
While addressing the public earlier this week, the Florida governor weighed in on news that Fauci will be retiring in December. Previously, the White House COVID-19 adviser was set to step down from the federal government once Biden’s current term ends.

DeSantis mentioned the significant harm that Fauci’s had on America’s children by backing lockdowns, school closures, and other restrictions that set back growth for young people. After driving these points home, the Florida governor said he’s “sick” of constantly seeing Fauci around.

This is when DeSantis suggested that someone should seize the “little elf” that Fauci is and send him flying over the Potomac.

The audience attending the Florida governor’s speech this week cheered, making it clear they agree with his assessment of Fauci.

More Problems Coming Fauci’s Way
Many Republicans believe Fauci is retiring at the end of the year to dodge various investigations expected to come his way after the midterms.

However, GOP lawmakers remain clear that whether Fauci steps down or not, they’re going through with their investigations.

Many conservatives have accused Fauci of knowing more about COVID-19 than he let on. The conservative movement also largely believes that Fauci deserves to be held accountable for the damages he inflicted on people’s lives, including the lives of children.

The infectious diseases official continues to deny claims that his upcoming retirement has anything to do with the GOP’s promises to investigate him. According to Fauci, he’s not hiding anything and is more than capable of defending himself.

Time will ultimately tell how true this is.