Desantis Has Perfect Response for Biden’s Inflation

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) hasn’t been quiet about his displeasure with the federal government. DeSantis really hasn’t been happy with President Joe Biden, specifically. And the “woke” political class that’s trying to gain as much control as they possibly can.

DeSantis has turned his attention to inflation and the supply chain crisis recently because they’re the most impactful issues that the United States is facing right now.

When DeSantis was asked about rising rent prices, he responded, “The CDC basically had a moratorium, so that people… really didn’t have to pay rent. What’s happening is now all the people that own these properties are charging more to make up for what was lost. Biden was warned about this. He was told that this was going to happen and they had to take it all the way to the Supreme Court.”

The Supreme Court stopped Biden’s administration from continuing the Eviction Moratorium because the CDC didn’t have the authority to enact it to begin with. It would be the same as an unelected organization forcing grocery stores to halt payment on milk. What would happen to farmers? The same thing is happening to property owners.

DeSantis also slammed Biden because of the massive spending bills that he’s pushed through. Inflation isn’t going to be solved overnight, and it isn’t created overnight either. It takes a lot of factors to contribute to massive price increases and Biden’s administration fits all of the ingredients. Massive spending, energy dependence and federal overreach have all contributed to inflation. On top of that, firing tens of thousands of employees across the nation because of the Covid-19 vaccine requirements have caused a supply and demand problem outside of the supply chain crisis that’s already happening.

DeSantis continued, “We warned about this inflation last year. They came in and did the massive spending; the Fed has printed trillions and trillions of dollars, the biggest increase in the money supply that we’ve seen in quite some time. Of course, you’re going to have inflation when that happens.”

It’s simple. If there’s more money than there was before, it’s going to be worth less. That’s not a complicated equation to figure out. Biden can claim that job creation and more spending will solve inflation, but that’s just not true.

When talking about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Desantis said, “there’s more oil and gas up there than in Saudi Arabia. It’s a massive, massive opportunity and basically from the time Biden’s come in, he said, ‘No, no, no.’”

Even Elon Musk agrees that more oil and gas production in the U.S. will help the energy crisis that’s being created.

There’s no doubt that all of these symptoms are going to cause the exact situation. DeSantis seems to have a much better handle on the economics of the situation than the “experts” in the Wite House.