DeSantis Forcefully Responds To Class Action Lawsuit Over Migrants

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis quickly rebuffed the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of nearly 50 migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard last week. He simply showed that the migrants had signed consent forms to be flown north.

Immigration lawyers and activists claim that the action taken by the Republican Florida governor was a “premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme” to exploit his “personal, financial, and political interests.”

DeSantis’ office quickly struck back on Tuesday, declaring that the activists would spend their time more productively at the border. In that case, the Florida governor’s office said, they could perhaps bring some accountability to the Biden administration’s reckless border policies.

Further, the White House’s lack of border control entices migrants to dangerous and sometimes deadly journeys through Central America. Doing this, it puts their lives in the hands of cartels and coyotes.

In a Tuesday news conference, DeSantis expressed once again that the transportation was made to sanctuary locations. He also reiterated Florida’s hope that the president will reinstate the effective Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy keeping asylum seekers on the Mexican side.

He went on to declare that, short of reinstating this policy, “if you believe in open borders,” then sanctuary cities should bear the brunt of the reality of open borders.

DeSantis’ office made it clear that the transportation to Martha’s Vineyard was strictly voluntary. The statement said that the migrants were homeless and hungry, and at that point the activists did not care for them.

It also noted that “it was disappointing” when the leadership at Martha’s Vineyard called the National Guard in to bus them away within two days.

The governor’s office provided the media with photos of signed consent forms that showed the migrants knew they would be arriving in Massachusetts.

Florida has set aside $12 million for the transport of illegal migrants to other locations, and the White House and its leftist media partners are clearly trying to smear the effort. Voluntary relocation is hardly kidnapping, as some activists claim, and their hypocrisy is shining bright.