Democrats Worried About Biden’s Approaching Inflation Disaster

Of all the factors working against Joe Biden’s presidency, inflation is at the top of the list.

This isn’t something that anyone can really hide from, forget about, or pretend isn’t happening. Reminders of inflation are at gas stations, grocery stores, and in people’s salaries that are going significantly less far than they used to.

The White House’s messaging on inflation has objectively been a disaster. The administration’s previous claims that inflation was just a “high-class problem” and a “transitory” step towards a great economy turned out to be false.

To this day, the president refuses to take responsibility for inflation. However, members of his own party are very nervous about his messaging surrounding these astronomical price increases.

Left-wing Nervousness Over Biden’s Inflation Messaging
CNN, of all networks, ended up spilling the beans that inflation is making Democrats apprehensive about Biden.

According to the left-wing news site, Democratic officials have been pressing the White House for months on end to control inflation and begin talking about it in a strategic manner.

Some Democrats even encouraged the Biden administration to point the finger elsewhere when it comes to inflation. CNN admits that some lawmakers wanted the president to blame giant corporations and begin talking about the legislative actions Democrats will take to lower costs.

The White House has engaged in various meetings with Democrats on inflation. Although, these meetings haven’t panned out the way Democrats wanted.

CNN isn’t the only left-wing news outlet that’s been forced to cover inflation in a way that’s not flattering to Biden. Other outlets, such as MSNBC and CBS, have started reporting on price hikes in ways that contradict obviously false narratives coming from the White House.

Why Democrats Are Nervous About Inflation
The Democrat Party’s nervousness about inflation ultimately boils down to the midterm elections.

It’s not a good look for the party when inflation is happening under a Democratic president, a Democratic House of Representatives, and a Democratic Senate. Americans are able to clearly see which party is in charge as inflation is wreaking havoc nationwide.

The White House’s explanations and talking points on inflation continue to fall short without bringing about any solutions. There is no denying that today’s high prices will impact how Americans vote in the November elections.