Democrats Used The Presidential Debate Commission To Slant Coverage To Favor Joe Biden

At the demands of Democrat insiders, the Commission on Presidential Debates denied Americans a fair reading of Joe Biden’s international strategy in 2020. But what is new, they have been doing this for years. The American people should have known better, but Democrats consistently con them and refuse to listen to reasonable and honest Republicans they have been taught to distrust.

The Democrats worked overtime with the media, aiding and abetting their criminal negligence as part of the vetting process for elections. We have no election integrity when the Commission hides Biden’s consistent foreign policy errors and debacles. Instead, they treat his blatant idiocy as a matter of opinion and preference rather than facts and principles. It is what we have become, a people entertained by carping and clapping seals.

America should have seen through the foreign policy debate, but they were led like stupid sheep by neo-cons and libs to the conclusion that in the position of Commander and Chief Trump was more dangerous than Biden. Now, it was evident that nothing could be further from the truth. And it is too late to do anything about it.

In the Commission on Presidential Debates, Hardliners ensured that President Donald Trump would never receive credit after his first term. The Abraham Accords opened a window for Middle East harmony and reclassified negotiating in the region.

Debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump were mediated by NBC News White House Correspondent Kristen Welker. She defended Biden and delivered a barrage of attacks in the third debate. It was considered a horrific violation of debate norms by half the country and cheer by the other half who thrive on hate.

The topics were battling COVID-19, American families, race in America, environmental climate change and public safety but not foreign policy and international strategy. It is as if the globalists forgot to discuss the rest of the world and its impact. This subject is customarily held for the last debate and should be addressed in every debate. The worst foreign policy crisis may overshadow domestic failures.

Trump Campaign liaisons tried to persuade the commission and were outraged when they were denied the inclusion of international affairs at the Belmont University debate. Trump preserved American strength and built energy independence without a single new conflict involving US forces and drawing down those deployed. Trump needed to do a better job highlighting his most prominent achievements; instead, he allowed a political shill with 40-years of DC rot to throw him off-base. Trump did not see #FakeNews for what it was, a Democrat protection racket.

Biden avoids discussing foreign policy. All Trump could do was harp on Hunter Biden and the millions of dollars in kickbacks and payoffs. Hunter Biden was unqualified yet serving on the board of Burisma and receiving $50,000 per month from Ukrainian energy oligarchs and warlords. As sick as these endeavors are, they pale compared to the disaster we are experiencing because of Biden’s desire to protect his son and his cronies. Even VP Michael Pence attacked an Iowa citizen who squeezed him on the Hunter issue during the Democratic primaries. Pence is a dolt and a player.

The New York Post cover-up the millions of dollars from Chinese shell corporations paid to Hunter’s business endeavors and partners such as Chris Heinz through the Rosemont Seneca firm, among many others. The RNC did not fight to guarantee that debates are level ground. They participated in the sabotage of Donald Trump and the results are plastered all over the place in the shape of Ukrainian mothers and children hiding or getting blown up. But all is fair in love and war and politics.