Democrats Turn On Biden And Vow Investigation Into Afghanistan Fiasco

Thanks to Democrats and Republicans, an investigation into the withdrawal from Afghanistan is going to happen. The disgrace of a Presidential office has led the Americans and Afghan allies to be killed in the streets across Afghanistan. All of the “Women’s Rights” Democrats will have to answer for their position while the Taliban kills women across Afghanistan.

Politicians from both parties are turning on President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. One by one, they are revealing details about the investigation into the departure from Afghanistan. Biden did a press conference and blamed everybody for including every President, even former President George W. Bush, for the Afghanistan withdrawal strategy. The problem with everything he said is that no President before Biden withdrew from Afghanistan. It is solely on Biden and Harris. Any other prospective blame is a diversion of responsibility, and Biden has to be held accountable.

The Foreign Relations Committee vowed to investigate the withdrawal from Afghanistan with bipartisan support. For months prior, the Taliban continued to move through Afghanistan, taking over city after city. The Biden Administration promised that the Afghan military was capable and willing to fight for their country. In June of 2021, Bloomberg posted an article, “Taliban Besiege Key Afghan City With U.S. Troops Set To Exit.” But we are supposed to believe that the Taliban’s rapid Afghanistan onset of terror was within a couple of days? Biden has plenty of time to prepare.

Most Democrats claimed that Biden’s foreign policy was firm, and that’s where his support. Biden loved to claim that his prior position as Vice President of Barack Obama gave him qualifications to be President of the United States. That’s turning out to be false, and it goes to show that even an entrepreneur from New York can be President and succeed. Biden isn’t helping his case by blaming other Presidents for his actions, but Harris isn’t any better. Both claim that they have adopted a crisis at the border, so should we have expected anything different?

Biden isn’t getting out of this one. He’s got to answer for his decisions without blaming others.