Democrats’ Treatment of Criminals Works Against Calls For Equality

On a consistent basis, Democrats claim they are all for equality. The standard left-wing talking points stress that Democrats view equality as pivotal to living in a society where everything is fair and on a level playing field.

To top it all off, Democrats have a tendency to claim that policies like waiving student loan debt, raising taxes, and even allowing illegal immigration will make everything more equal in the long run.

However, there is a very big difference between claiming to support equality and actually supporting it. Ironically, the kid-glove approach that Democrats regularly use with criminals actually works against their talk about being pro-equality.

The Problem With Going Easy on Criminals
Last December, when Darrell Brooks plowed through a crowd of folks in Wisconsin who were celebrating Christmas, Democrats and the mainstream media largely framed the story as a “car attack.”

Unfortunately, the car was being intentionally driven by someone with the intent to hurt as many people as possible.

When mass theft and looting of stores increased in various communities, months ago, Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) questioned whether people were just stealing out of desperation or due to child tax credits ending.

Then, across the nation, multiple left-wing attorney generals have refused to bring charges against certain criminals, even in cases where these charges were more than warranted.

That comes on top of Democrats implementing “bail reform” policies that allow criminals to avoid paying bail if they aren’t able to afford it.

Going easy on criminals doesn’t make society more equal or fair. Instead, it puts more innocent, law-abiding civilians in harm’s way.

Treating Criminals Equally
If Democrats truly want to make society equal and fair, they can start by treating criminals equally and holding them legally accountable for their offenses. This means enforcing the law regardless of the race, ethnicity, or background of the criminal involved.

Treating criminals equally means rejecting the notion that growing up in difficult circumstances justifies unlawful activity. Just earlier this year, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) argued that upticks in carjackings were a result of the perpetrators not feeling as loved as they ought to feel.

When Democrats are ready to hold all criminals accountable for their actions, then their advocacy for equality may carry some weight.

So long as the political left allows certain criminals to skate by with little to no consequences, they’ll be facilitating a society that’s not only unequal, but also more dangerous.