Democrats Struggle to Grasp the Obvious about Firearms

The Biden administration and its leftist allies are again targeting their favorite constitutional punching bag — the 2nd Amendment — following a horrific spate of mass shootings. A major stumbling block for the “progressives” is they don’t even know what they are targeting.

Of course, any group that cannot define a “woman” is not grounded in logic and clarity.

However, if the goal is to ban a particular thing, it is helpful to know what that thing is. This is where manipulating the language enters.

Both sides of the political aisle use language to couch their goals in more friendly terms. Democrats, however, are making it an art form. Consider Florida.

The left refers to its law preventing school instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for kindergarten through third grade as “Don’t Say Gay.” Then there’s the “gun lobby.” They never refer to 1st Amendment advocates as the “free speech lobby.”

As for “assault weapons,” the National Rifle Association uses the military definition of an automatic weapon. Democrats, on the other hand, prefer to categorize anything that does not have flint, ramrods and cotton balls as an “assault weapon.”

What are they coming for next? Breech loaders?

The NRA says labeling the AR-15 and similar weapons as “assault weapons” is incorrect, as these are semi-automatic. This means that only one round is fired when the trigger is pulled.

Actual automatic weapons have been banned for civilian ownership for nearly a century, except for those “grandfathered” in, and those are highly regulated.

However, the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban signed into law by President Clinton covered firearms like those used in the Buffalo and Uvalde mass shootings. These are known by 2nd Amendment supporters as simply “semi-automatic rifles” or “rifles.”

That law “sunsetted,” or expired, after 10 years.

Some gun control advocates call military-style rifles “semi-automatic assault weapons,” and the government has taken to the name. However, the AR-15 itself, America’s most popular rifle, is not even a specific model but rather a style. But facts rarely matter to radicals.

It’s now more obvious than ever that the left holds the constitution in contempt. The bedrock of the Republic is fine when it suits their goals, but otherwise, it’s merely an anachronism written by dead slaveholders.