Democrats Still ‘Can’t Follow’ The Rules And Virginia Has The ‘Newest Offender’

Democrats can’t follow the rules. They haven’t been able to since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic because they can’t seem to keep their masks on their face. Unless some wind advisory keeps blowing them off, they don’t care to follow their own rules.

Senator Jennifer B. Boysko (D-VA) and others were out at dinner and posted a picture that didn’t go over well on social media. The question is, if Democrats are over the mask mandates, then why are they in place? Are they waiting for a chance to push more mandates, but they don’t care until then? Are they just waiting for their opportunity to steal more power and authority?

In Virginia, children still have to wear masks in schools, but that doesn’t translate to elected officials even though data shows that children are much less affected by COVID-19.

Boysko’s tweet says:

Smug, but the responses are much needed. One of Boysko’s constituents even emailed her. Boysko’s response was even more tasteless than the photo.

The screenshot explains that everyone in the group was vaccinated, boosted, and tested negative for COVID-19 before the dinner. Did she consider the other people in the restaurant? Was there a rapid test at the door? Probably not.

The Senator explained that some of her constituents still want children to be protected and that masking children in schools is the best way to do that. She explained that she has constituents with people in their families who would react negatively to COVID-19 if they contracted the virus.

That doesn’t represent the majority of her constituents, and even if one individual explained that to Boysko, that wouldn‘t justify a blanket mandate for every individual. The best solution would be an optional mask mandate which gives parents and students the option considering children are more protected against COVID-19 than the Senator and her friends are even if the children don’t have the COVID-19 vaccine.

It has to stop, and they have to be held responsible or remove the mandates. Democrats will continue to be called out for a perfect reason until then.