Democrats’ January 6 Narrative Falling Apart

The Democrat Party is determined to keep conversations going about January 6 for as long as possible. Even in light of all the very real issues facing the United States today, the left would rather use January 6 as a distraction for political gain.

As Democrats exploit last year’s events at the Capitol to take attention away from current crises, they have propped up police officer Michael Fanone. The left made Fanone out to be this hero who supposedly safeguarded the Capitol from violent insurrectionists and can do no wrong.

However, as Democrats hail Fanone, a new incident from the officer’s past is emerging.

The Truth About Fanone
Years ago, Fanone encountered Michael Maddox, a black lawyer who was simply standing on the streets of Washington DC. Without any provocation whatsoever, Fanone and another officer forcibly pushed Maddox against a wall before frisking him.

The lawyer later went on to sue both Fanone and the other officer on the scene. Both police officers were accused of prejudice and racial profiling amid their encounter with Maddox.

As legal proceedings played out, video footage showed that Fanone even tried to prevent Maddox from filming what was happening.

Ultimately, the lawsuit resulted in Washington DC awarding Maddox $175,000. Of course, this isn’t an incident that Fanone wants to rehash. It’s also not something his defenders on the left want to talk about for obvious reasons.

A Dog-and-Pony Show
In the 11th hour of the midterm elections, Democrats revived the January 6 committee to hold more hearings and generate new headlines. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of endgame for when the committee wraps up or what it specifically hopes to achieve.

Democrats, nevertheless, need the committee to fearmonger about Republican candidates. Just about every single poll shows that Democrats are behind and not trusted by Americans on the issues that matter most.

Though at the end of the day, Americans have to deal with crime, high gas prices, and inflation, not the aftermath of an event that’s nearly two years past.

Ultimately, the attempts to lionize figures like Fanone and distract the general public from problems facing the nation will not work. If anything, this continued obsession with January 6 is all the more reason why Democrats can’t be allowed to hold power.