Democrats Have Shown Their True Colors on Guns

Time and time again, Americans have heard left-wing calls for gun control. Typically, when Democrats call for more restrictions on firearm ownership, there are some standard talking points.

Nine times out of ten, the phrases “weapons of war” and “assault weapons” will be involved in talking points that favor gun control. Democrats likewise have a tendency to claim that gun control is about public safety, not punishing lawful gun owners.

However, every now and then, the true intentions of the gun control agenda are accidentally revealed. Days ago, Joe Biden said the quiet part out loud when he endorsed a ban on 9mm pistols, which happen to be the one of the most popular firearm styles in the United States.

Meanwhile, Democrats at large have revealed what gun control is really all about since they obstructed life-saving legislation.

What Every American Must Know About the Gun Control Agenda
During a Thursday sitdown with Fox News, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) revealed that his left-wing colleagues on Capitol Hill shut down a bill that would have not only prevented criminals from accessing guns, but also made American schools safer.

This was a bill that Cruz himself initiated. 51 of his colleagues in the Senate were on board with it. However, Democrats chose to shut down this legislation.

When the Texas senator spoke with Fox News, he said the left-wing obstruction of this bipartisan bill ultimately boiled down to Democrats’ interest in yanking guns from law-abiding US citizens.

Cruz pointed out that as left-wing lawmakers filibustered his legislation, they were clear that gun grabs had to be on the table in order to make a deal.

Later, the Republican congressman slammed Democrats as incorrect and “cynical,” warning that they’re prioritizing a partisan agenda over kids’ safety in schools.

Cruz also made a point of mentioning his bill would have enabled the Justice Department to go after criminals seeking to unlawfully purchase weapons.

This legislation, had it become law, likewise would have the Justice Department conduct an audit to ensure the background check database contains all federal convictions.

The Truth About the Gun Control Agenda
Even with background checks, age restrictions, waiting periods, and more on the books, Democrats are still continuing to call for more gun control They claim it’s not enough and that even tighter restrictions are necessary.

Meanwhile, gun control activists continue to reject the mere mention of mental health and its role in mass shootings.

Because of this, many Republicans accuse Democrats of using mass shootings as political tools to get what they want, which is less gun ownership.

Likewise, Republicans have cautioned Americans that the endgame of the gun control movement is a total ban on gun ownership.

This is darkly parallel to what’s happening in Canada right now. The nation recently announced a flat out ban on all handguns.