Democrats FREAKED When They Saw What GOP Congressman Wore Into The House

Democrats are upset about a mask that Representative Jeff Duncan wore (R-SC) that said “LET’S GO, BRANDON,” which means “F*** JOE BIDEN.”  

It’s no wonder the phrase is catching on as it’s a perfectly acceptable phrase to use in front of children and family members who wouldn’t appreciate the latter. Apparel of all shapes and forms are making their way to online retailers as people grab them like hotcakes.  

The phrase was initially created when a reporter congratulated Brandon Brown on his victory. The crowd in the background was screaming “F*** Joe Biden,” which the reporter interpreted as “Let’s Go, Brandon.”  

It’s hilarious. The moment couldn’t have gotten any better if it was scripted, but it wasn’t, and the phenomenon of Brandon fans has continued and will likely continue until Biden is out of the office and even past that point.  

In a better show of defiance for President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda, Bill Posey (R-FL) said on the House floor that Biden somehow managed it get into the Oval Office and the House and Senate with razor-thin majorities and that Americans want Democrats to put America back as they found it and “Leave it the Hell alone.” After speaking, Posey said, “Let’s Go, Brandon, I yield back.”  

Nothing should make you happier than to have “Let’s Go Brandon” spoken on the House floor, which will probably continue to be a phrase commonly used as Representatives end their speeches. Nobody can tell them not to, to be honest, so why wouldn’t they? It will get the message across, and Biden’s administration can ignore it all they want to, but it’s here to stay. It’s theirs to deal with. They’ve begun the destruction of this country with Afghanistan, the southern border, inflation, canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, and bragging about job creation that hasn’t happened. Biden can say that jobs were created, but what he can’t do is explain why that happened when the economy was continuing to open back up after the Covid-19 pandemic.  

It seems convenient that Biden has all of these successes after an economic shutdown, and when Democrats speak about how great the economy is, but the truth is, if it had never shut down, Biden would be driving it into the ground. The mandates and policy changes that he’s put in place wouldn’t have created a better economy at all. Everything has increased in price.

If Democrats stopped referring to this as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and repealed their Covid-19 vaccination regulations, perhaps Biden would have a better image. Still, if Biden continues on his current route, this will go down as one of the most challenging moments in American history.