Democrats Believe They’re Better On Crime Than Republicans

Crime throughout the United States is no joke. Thanks to countless instances of offenders being able to skate by with little to no consequences, law-abiding Americans are now paying the price.

In communities like Pittsburgh and New York City, businesses have been shutting down, due to crime rates. Things have gotten to be so unsafe that business owners aren’t comfortable with having their employees work in these environments.

Unfortunately, current levels of crime have been egged on by left-wingers calling to defund the police. As it turns out, slashing funding for law enforcement increases criminal activity rates within communities.

Amid all the crime happening across the country because of left-wing policies, Democrats continue to run with the narrative that they’re better than Republicans at handling crime.

An Argument Completely Removed From Reality
This past Wednesday, left-wing strategist James Carville appeared on CNN, touting what he views as Democrats’ great record on crime.

According to Carville, Democrats’ record concerning crime is “much better” than that of Republicans. The Democratic strategist would later cite the anti-gun bills tied to Joe Biden and Bill Clinton during their presidential stints.

Eventually, Carville claimed that legislation banning “assault weapons” led to a decrease in crime from 1994 to 2019.

When CNN asked the left-wing strategist about the defund the police movement, Carville gave a dismissive answer. He casually referred to calls to defund law enforcement as “sticky.”

Finally, Carville went on to argue that Democrats should stop being afraid to run on their records when it comes to handling crime.

The Truth About Crime in America
Carville, during his conversation with CNN, did not mention the notable increases in lawlessness that have taken place amid left-wing policies.

Policies like bail reform, defunding law enforcement, early prison releases, and more are directly linked to upticks in crime.

Carville’s refusal to acknowledge any of this reveals the holes in his argument asserting that Democrats are better at handling crime than Republicans.

Republican district attorneys aren’t the ones refusing to prosecute criminals. However, the same can’t be said about Democratic district attorneys in places like Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and other left-wing strongholds.

Until Democrats are ready to get honest about crime and the policies that fuel it, everyday Americans will continue to suffer. Left-wing strategists may claim Democrats have a better record on crime than Republicans; yet, the facts keep telling a different story.