Democrats Are Using Hurricane Ian To Take Shots At Ron DeSantis

In Florida, a state of emergency remains ongoing as residents prepare for Hurricane Ian. Mandatory evacuation orders have been established, along with warnings of floodings, power outages, and greater damages to come from the storm.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and city leaders throughout the state are urging people to heed evacuation warnings and use sandbags to avoid flooding inside residences. Floridians are likewise advised to stock up on nonperishable foods, water, and medical supplies while they’re still available.

Unfortunately, multiple Democrats are using the incoming hurricane to take shots at DeSantis and Florida Republicans over their politics.

A Sad Display From the Left
Far-left columnist Rachel Vindman took to social media on Tuesday morning, claiming Hurricane Ian should be addressed by “they/them” pronouns in order to get under the skin of the Florida governor.

Vindman was widely panned for this on Twitter. However, she’s not the only Democrat cracking jokes about the hurricane that could claim people’s lives later this week.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) also joined in by taking shots at Florida over supposedly not paying enough attention to climate change. Specifically, the Minnesota lawmaker told MSNBC that as Florida is “beared down” by Hurricane Ian, Democrats will need to win elections.

Like Vindman, Klobuchar was also called out on social media for using a potentially fatal incoming hurricane to take shots at the political opposition.

Later, the far-left columnist tried to walk back her prior statements by claiming she “appreciates” the risk posed by Hurricane Ian. Though this didn’t have the impact Vindman was going for.

More To Come
Only later this week will the nation get a true look at the extent of damages done by Hurricane Ian. Unfortunately, when this news does come out, Americans shouldn’t be too shocked to see more comments that mirror those from Vindman and Klobuchar.

Democrats regularly claim to be above petty politics. However, when it benefits them or comes at the expense of Republicans, leftists constantly hit below the belt.

In the meantime, people who live in Florida are being urged to keep up with local news and follow any updates pertaining to their specific counties. Some areas that are not under mandatory evacuation orders now could very well be within the hours or days to come.