Democrats Are Pushing Amnesty For Up To 7.1 Million Illegal Immigrants

Giving amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States as a whole is exceptionally unwise President Joe Biden’s administration. The Build Back Better agenda is packed full of socialist goodies and legal status for everyone as Democrats push forward with their ridiculous idea that migration is supposed to be a guarantee rather than a safety net is stupid. The Democrats have incentivized illegal activity, and it didn’t start here.

The idea that any bill or legislation that includes massive spending and many provisions at once is unsustainable. That’s not who we are. Republicans and Democrats hold legislation because they hold it hostage and push through radical policies. There’s no room for that in our political system.

Mark Morgan, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, said, “The concern is that they’re including any type of immigration reform in a budget process. That, in and of itself, is inappropriate, and Capitol Hill knows that it’s wrong.”

Border Patrol sees this daily. They’re struggling to keep up with the necessary enforcement because the Biden administration isn’t doing anything to ensure the protection of the people of the United States. Borders work, walls work, and strict enforcement works. But we can’t rely on one single protection. If one fails, then the others will be much more ineffective.

Morgan continued, “This is going to impact American taxpayers. They don’t realize their taxpayer dollars are going to continue to give state and federal benefits to millions and millions of illegal aliens here.”

A significant change is coming. The voting system will be affected if amnesty is given, but the workforce, health resources, natural resources, etc. Should there be a ban on people coming across the border? No. Many good people come across seeking a better life that will contribute to society more than American citizens do, but that isn’t all of them.

FAIR reported, “Over the past few weeks, Democrats worked tirelessly to insert an amnesty for up to 7.1 million illegal aliens into BBB. The Senate Parliamentarian rebuffed similar efforts twice, yet they continue pushing for sweeping immigration changes completely unrelated to federal spending or budget matters.”

You have to look at this from a citizen perspective rather than an immigrant perspective. We’re watching the Biden administration spend $400 billion to expand the IRS to fund his bills but trying to make money from the Border Patrol and Immigration Control Enforcement. Biden cares more about illegal immigrants than he does for the citizens of the United States. Don’t let them lie to you.