Democrats Are ‘In A Box’ Of Their Own Creation

Approval ratings are lowering steadily, and Democrats are beginning to be afraid that their rule over society will not last. Their last hope was to end the filibuster, pass “voting rights” reform, and pass trillions of dollars with spending bills. That’s not a sustainable path forward for a country in economic stress.

Strategy isn’t coming easy for President Joe Biden’s Administration. Elizabeth Warren even went as far as to suggest that Biden should make good on his promise to get rid of student loan debt. That would be better than spending $30 million on “not crack pipes.”

A White House official even said, “It feels like there is a wave coming, and no one is doing anything to stop it.”

Isn’t there much they can do?

A second official said, “He has blind spots when it comes to workers. Given the wonderful things he’s done, he shouldn’t have the second-worst approval rating of all time. If it were me, I would reconsider the advice I’m receiving and the individuals I surround myself with. That’s not going to happen, in my opinion.”

Clueless has become willingly incompetent. Biden should have some strong people around him, but he doesn’t even have that. Vice President Kamala Harris is just as incompetent as he is, but she doesn’t have an excuse.

Democrats are beginning to tattle tale on themselves because some aren’t happy with what they’ve gotten involved with. What was supposed to be a highly effective effort against “truinternatialdepressure.”

Crime is up as defunding the police efforts has caused a wave of low morale among police departments and deficient staffing levels. Along with lower budgets, that has led to officers quitting in record numbers.

Democrats are screwed, and that’s putting it nicely. What they’ve done is place themselves into a box that they can’t get out of because they buried themselves so deep that they can’t get out of it.